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Take spell classes at the genuine School of Wizards, Rocher Portail, a dream that finally becomes reality!

« Rocher Portail, the new school of wizards » recounts the life of a school principal and her students.
Ludovica LUTTEROTTI has just arrived from Austria at this new school located in Brittany, the « Rocher Portail » school, as the Principal and Professor of Divination.
This school located in a stunning Renaissance castle, classified as a Historic Monument, has been in existence for over 400 years. It was built in 1596 and until now was led by Agile RUELLAN, one of the most famous wizards and alchemists of the Renaissance.
Thousands of apprentice wizards apply every year in hopes of receiving their admission letter from the prestigious Rocher Portail school.

Agile RUELLAN comes from the FAUVEDOR house and was joined over the years by the houses BUSARDE, BOUCFLECHE, and CERFDELUNE.

Tu es intrépide, énergique, déterminé, sportif et compétiteur.

Tu es malicieux, farceur, rusé, amical et enjoué.

Tu es curieux, astucieux, créatif, rêveur et plein d’imagination

Tu es courageux, audacieux, aventurier, visionnaire et persuasif.

Upon their arrival, the new students (aged 4 to 99…) will marvel at the authentic medieval banquet hall of Rocher Portail. They will then be directed to the castle where all the rooms of the Rocher Portail school are located. They will meet Ludociva LUTTEROTTI and all their new teachers: Lady POMMECREUSE, Garance BRUNFEU, Horace ALBEDO, Philomène VOLOVENT, Hernote SUB, Morne COCHE, Fleurus CENTAURE, Timéon RUELLAN, and his owl Minuitmoinlecar…

After receiving your admission letter via e-owl. On the first day, you will head to the grand Banquet hall, which will immerse you in the world of witchcraft. Exceptional, very real, and unique in Europe!
You will discover your new house by passing under the arch of truth. Will you be FAUVEDOR, BUSARDE, BOUCFLECHE, or CERFDELUNE?
For the lucky ones, you can share your meal with your teachers. They will entertain the meal with you using magic tricks and spells. A completely bewitching menu and numerous special effects await you.

Live your own apprentice wizard experience and discover the Rocher Portail school within the castle grounds

The visit to the Rocher Portail school will transport you into an immersive atmosphere where enchanted objects and magical creatures await you.
You, apprentice wizards, will explore the teachers' rooms, the classrooms, and the dormitories for students of each house. All these rooms are fully furnished and animated with the most bewitching effects. The interiors (objects, furniture, decorations) are authentic and classified as Historic Monuments.
The apprentice wizards will get acquainted, as they explore the school’s rooms, with their Headmistress Ludovica LUTTEROTTI, and the teachers: Timéon RUELLAN, Lady POMMECREUSE, Hernote SUB, Garance BRUNFEU, and Horace ALBEDO. Throughout the discovery of the school’s rooms within the castle, you will meet your teachers who will teach you.

Our school, over 400 years old, promises you an extraordinary adventure, inspired by the history of the Château Rocher Portail and its residents since the 16th century.

An animated discovery: demonstration of making magical wands and magical brooms in the old forge. Broom flight outside.
Meet the Lady of the Owls

Selfie spot, in the old stables, you can take photos in 5 different settings, each more magical than the last. A school bus trip, arriving in your dormitory, the first broom flight, an evil encounter in the library, sending mail by recommended owls, and in the courtyard take a photo next to the ‘mivolante’.

Gardens (open for the Millendal competition): Arch of truth, mazes, witches’ hut, wishing bridge, archery, and fantastic animals. (Open in the afternoon during the Millendal competition)