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It’s something magical.

TF1 (reportage 25 octobre 2022)

A successful bet.

JT France 2, 30 novembre 2022

It’s magical.

Le Parisien (reportage 4/11/2022)

A success.

France 3 Bretagne (30/10/2022)

Experience something out of the ordinary.

Pure Break (article 17/08/2022)

Young and old were completely immersed.

Le Télégramme (article 06 novembre 2022)

A crazy project that challenges the giants.

Tourmag (article 13/01/2023)

The new school of wizards 100% ‘cocorico’.

Immersive staging!

Le bonbon (article 01/07/2022)

The unmissable immersive event in the world of magic and sorcery.

Unidivers (article 16/11/2022)

Le Rocher Portail: the premier school of wizards.

Rostercon (article 30/08/2022)

A real school for wizards.

Francebleu (article le 07/09/2022)

A magical and immersive experience.

Envols (article le 13/01/2023)

An unprecedented adventure.

Les Echos (article 11/01/2023)

An exceptional immersive experience.

Paris Secret (article 14/10/2022)

An adventure that young and old apprentice wizards won’t forget anytime soon!

Femme Actuelle (article 25/10/2022)

An enchanted evening.

TVR (reportage 20 octobre 2022)

Always more enchanting.

M6 (jt 1/11/2022)

Visitors can immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Breton sorcerers.